About Us

About Us

Jetcast® Can Make You More Profitable

We are in business to make Internet broadcasting profitable for our broadcasters and advertisers. We lower costs and increase revenues for broadcasters, and we increase return on advertising investments for our advertisers. Every time . . . and with every partner.

For Broadcasters:

For Advertisers:

What Is "Internet Broadcasting"?

Internet broadcasting refers to Internet radio and Internet delivered, long-form television programming. To us, it does not matter what device is used to watch or listen to the programming. Our definition includes all linear TV and radio broadcasts delivered via Internet protocol (IP), including IP broadcasts to set-top boxes, computers, Internet radios, network connected TVs, iPhones, Blackberrys, network connected DVD players, and a bunch of really cool devices that have not yet been invented. Internet broadcasting does NOT include video or music on demand.

Our Vision:

More than 100 million American households spend, on average, 8.5 hours per day watching ad-supported television*, and 3 hours per day listening to ad-supported radio. That is about 1.1 billion hours per day of premium, ad-supported content consumption.

We believe that over the next ten years, television and radio consumption will continue to grow, but a significant portion of the programming will be delivered using Internet Protocol ("IP Delivery") to an Internet connected device like a computer, a smart phone, an Internet-connected TV or set top box, etc., instead of using cable, satellite or over-the-air antenna-based delivery to a radio or proprietary set-top-box ("Traditional Delivery").

Our efforts are focused on making the transition from Traditional Delivery to IP Delivery profitable for broadcasters, programming providers, and advertisers, and most importantly, enjoyable for the fans of the programming.

IP Delivery provides a lot of new challenges and a lot more earning potential for broadcasters and advertisers alike. We are excited to play a part in the evolution of television and radio.

*according to Nielsen Television Index the average daily hours of television consumption per US household is almost 8.5 hours and has been steadily increasing from a little over 7 hours per day in 1999.

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