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Finally! Fixed-Cost Internet Broadcasting


Our RadioLoyalty™ brand listener loyalty solution allows broadcasters to reward their audiences and listeners to earn while they listen.


Our UniversalPlayer™ (UP) brand media presentation product performs many important roles for broadcasters, advertisers and users. For broadcasters, the UP provides standardized advertising units, new, non-advertising dependent revenue centers, and additional high value content and services. For end users, the UniversalPlayer™ provides an easy way to listen to their favorite stations, and easy way to share their favorites with their friends via popular social media services, a way to perform common web functions without needing to leave the player, useful apps, and the ability to earn while they listen and perform certain functions. For advertisers, the UP makes buying a highly engaged target audience at scale easy and affordable.

Ad Insertion

ReplaceAds™ currently supports many different ad insertion solutions, please contact us to find out how to integrate your current solution with ReplaceAds™. If you do not currently have ad insertion for your stream Jetcast® can provide an ad insertion software solution for audio and/or video in-stream, pre-roll, and website display.


Easy To Start Or Switch Providers

If you currently have an Internet broadcast, it usually takes just a few hours to start Jetcasting. If you are new to Internet broadcasting, our trained professionals will quickly have you up and broadcasting.

Listener/Viewer Support

Our support staff is ready to help your listeners/viewers with any problems they may experience with your stream. We strive to make sure your listeners/viewers have a great user experience.

With Jetcast® you can:

  • Decrease listener fatigue with higher audio and video quality (up to 256k Audio up to 1 meg Video)
  • Increase listener and viewer time (Longer time spent = more ad revenue earned)
  • Get online metrics for detailed data
  • Get online player customization tools
  • Block specific cities, regions or countries, if required
  • Get full-featured tech support


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