About Us

Increase ROI

The ReplaceAds™ network of more than 1,000 online broadcast, publishing and mobile properties offers advertisers millions of video & audio impressions per month in and around premium, well branded content and stations. ReplaceAds™ makes it easy for you to reach your target market at scale, and gives a better ROI. We'll insert your ads directly to over a thousand stations through online video, audio, banner and mobile ad sales network allows your company to monetize your digital assets and get access to quality National, Regional, and Local advertising sales dollars. ReplaceAds™ offers immediate sales revenue for your premium, professional, Internet audio, video, and display inventory.

Decrease Expense

Jetcast® dramatically reduces, or even eliminates, your bandwidth costs! Increase quality (up to 256 kbs for audio, and 1 Mbs for video), increase time spent listening or viewing, it’s still the same low price. Available for a fixed monthly fee, or on a 100% barter basis.

Decrease Work

We provide a central point of contact and reporting to make buying online radio & TV easy. You send us one Insertion Order and creative: audio, video & banner ads. We’ll insert your ads directly to more than 4000+ stations through our proprietary technology, saving you time, and the hassle of dealing with different stations, players, formats, and reports.

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